We present the Project Eclipstroz

On 21st August 2017, there will be solar eclipse. This phenomenon is always interesting to investigate and we will be working to study the radiation effects on the high atmosphere of the earth and also to study the ejections of the moon particles on earth.

We have built the confinement capsule carrying both pressurized and pressurized payload system. The pressurized capsule will carry seeds and insects. The un-pressurized system will be equipped with a highly sophisticated systems such as altimeter, GPS tracker, telemetry, Magnetometer, temperature and barometric pressure sensors relaying every 2 minutes throughout the flight, 2HD Contour video cameras, one facing down the other facing to the horizon and an additional SD data logger, taking recordings every 10 seconds from the outside of the capsule.

Specific Payloads for radiation measurements for their 3D- construction and viewing of radiation particles is also being carried dedicated to this mission. The fins system of controlling the capsule is first to try innovative experiment.

We are carrying payloads from Valles Marineris International Private limited, UNAM Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Nepal astronomical society – NASO