Space Missions

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We are organise stratosphere studies missions to LEO,MEO, GEO and Interplanetary Missions like Moon and Mars




StratosLAB is a stratospheric capsule that is able to travel to the stratosphere (located between 15 and 50 km in height). The capsule is currently developed with two variant one is pressurized for living venture and unpressurised version for the non-living experiments. It is unique as a platform for high altitude space studies and scientific research. It is based on its ability to be able to carry out flights of stable form (with low G’s) and for a prolonged time in atmosphere compared with other vehicles like investigation aircraft or sounding rockets that can only reach by Short periods of time, or a certain height. The capsule provides all the system requirements the user needs and the client has a lot of time to focus only on the primary payload and not about it subsystems.The final version of the Capsule will be very cheap as it employs a novel method of reusing helium with every launch.