Valles Marineris-Technology Partner for Synergy Moon ($30 Million Google Lunar Xprize-Finalist Team)

Team Synergy Moon Becomes Third Google Lunar XPRIZE Team to Receive Approval for 2017 Lunar Mission

Synergy Moon’s team member, Interorbital Systems, will serve as the launch provider, using a NEPTUNE 8 rocket to carry a lunar lander and rover to the surface of the Moon from an open-ocean location off the California coast during the March of 2018.

Telsa Rover

We are the Official team member with Synergy Moon International. As a part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE we have designed the Telsa Rover whose mission is to successfully travel 500 meters over the lunar surface, and send images and data back to the Earth. Valles Marineris International is building Telsa Rover for GLXP Competition for Synergy Moon International

The Telsa Rover is designed as a virtual excursion vehicle. Equipped with twin high definition video cameras for stereoscopic vision, the Tesla Surveyor will take viewers on a trip across the surface of the moon. The Tesla Prospector is designed as a virtual prospector, with sensors and cameras to examine the environment and identify the mineral content of the rocks and lunar regolith.

The Telsa Rover will also be equipped with twin cameras for stereoscopic vision. Both rovers feature an internet based control system that will allow tourists, scientist and prospectors to take control of the rovers for a virtual excursion on the moon.

Telsa Rover will be capable of autonomous operations, able to take care of themselves and carry out exploration missions on their own, saving their observations for later transmission to earth or streaming near real time video of their adventures.