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We are specialized Launch service Consultants for small satellite and spacecraft. We are responsible for the ordering, conversion, or construction of the carrier rocket, assembly and stacking, payload integration, and ultimately conducting the launch itself. Some of these tasks may be delegated or sub-contracted to other companies.

Stratospheric launch for universities and academia payloads

List of active launchers:

  • Antrix Corporation (PSLV / GSLV / LVM3)
  • Arianespace (Ariane 5 / Soyuz-2 / Vega)
  • China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (Long March)
  • Eurockot Launch Services (Rockot)
  • International Launch Services (Proton-M, Proton Medium, Proton Light, Angara 1.2)
  • ISC Kosmotras (Dnepr)
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (H-IIA / H-IIB)
  • Orbital ATK (Antares / Minotaur / Pegasus)
  • SpaceX (Falcon 9 / Falcon Heavy)
  • Starsem (Soyuz-FG / Soyuz-2)
  • United Launch Alliance (Atlas V / Delta II / Delta IV)
  • Sea Launch (Zenit-3SL)
  • InterOrbital Systems,USA